How We’re Improving Lichdom: Battlemage

Today we rolled out the first update for Lichdom: Battlemage: Achievements will now unlock normally on Xbox One.

Yesterday, users reported that Achievements were not unlocking, nor were they showing up in the Lichdom: Battlemage Game Hub on the Xbox One dashboard. These issues stemmed from an error in the Xbox Live servers, which has since been corrected.

You do not need to download anything to receive the fix.

Achievements you already earned will be unlocked retroactively, though this won’t happen immediately as you boot the game. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes of playing for your previous progress to sync.

There have been no Trophy unlock issues on PS4, so a similar update was not needed on that platform.

Many of you have expressed your frustration with the game’s frame rate. As you read this, the team is hard at work on a fix. We are not satisfied with the game’s performance, and we apologize for the wait as we prepare a patch. As soon as we know an accurate patch date, you’ll know it too.

Until then, please continue reaching out [email protected] with your detailed feedback.

Thank you,

-The Maximum Games Team