Lichdom: Battlemage Patch Greatly Improves Frame Rate and Load Times

Fantasy Hero Lichdom: BattlemageLichdom: Battlemage is an important title to us. The console games admittedly had a rough start with frame rate and loading issues, but we’ve been committed to bringing you a game every bit as beautiful and ambitious as it was intended to be. We’re pleased to say that our most recent patch brings Lichdom closer to our ultimate vision, raising the frame rate to a steady 30 frames per second and reducing level load times.

Digital Foundry and Eurogamer have updated their review of Lichdom: Battlemage to reflect the changes to the game, calling it “one of the best-performing CryEngine games on Xbox One” after the latest patch.

As Eurogamer points out, “there’s no doubting that some serious optimisation work has yielded remarkable results.” We’re happy with the progress we’ve made in ensuring that players are able to experience a smooth, cinematic, powerful game with fewer graphical hiccups and frustrating technological issues.

It’s impossible to overstate how important player satisfaction is for us. Lichdom: Battlemage is a game we’re incredibly proud to bring to the console audience, and we’re grateful for your enthusiasm and patience while we’ve continued work on this title. We’re pleased to deliver on our ultimate vision for Lichdom, making it a high-octane magical experience for players across platforms.

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