The Story Behind Lichdom: Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage is a game of unbridled power and magic. As a battlemage gifted with both, you will use your spellcrafting skills to take on evil forces in a fast-paced, explosive fight for justice.

When the wicked overlord Shax takes away your loved one, you set out on a journey to hunt him down. Before you embark on your quest for vengeance, a wizard grants you unlimited magical powers and designates you “Dragon,” the single strongest battlemage on earth.

Armed with great power and magical bracers, you can craft thousands of spells to use as you wish. Unfortunately, killing Shax turns out to be no easy feat. He has gathered armies of undead, convinced an evil cult to work for him, and has summoned demons from the abyss – all of which you must fight and destroy….

Kinesis Crafting Tutorial

Unleash Your Inner Mage

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  • ROTH


The enigmatic Roth has shepherded the rise and fall of empires. Every age, he sets out to forge a better world. He’s been battered and betrayed, but he’s never given up on his ambition. Now his oldest foes, the Cult of Malthus, have risen again. The last time they were this bold, they ravaged the earth and shattered the moon. As powerful a mage as Roth is, he can’t take on the Cult alone. He needs a Dragon.


It always starts the same way. There’s someone who’s lost everything but the will to survive. In every age, Roth finds a survivor, someone hungry for redemption or revenge. He gives them the bracers — artifacts that grant the ability to control magic. The result is a new battlemage, charged with purpose and set against the greatest threats of the age. These mages have the potential to become elemental forces of destruction. Roth calls them his Dragons.


Two wronged souls — two paths to retribution. When Roth chooses someone to become his weapon, he also chooses a pathfinder. The Gryphon is the Dragon’s partner, a scout to show the way. Where the Dragon has bracers that command raw power, the Gryphon’s rings enable stealth and teleportation. Roth’s chosen battlemage must fight through a world of enemies — but with the help of the Gryphon, it won’t be alone.

Spellcrafting – Create & Master Thousands of Spells!

Fire: The Fire Sigil is the weapon of choice among most Battlemages.

Uses: The Fire Sigil is typically used with Destruction in mind. Fire’s missile is the most casted spell in all of Lichdom; it deals the most damage of any Sigil and combines well with other Sigils such as Ice and Kinesis, to deal even higher damage.

Ice: The Ice Sigil is one of the most versatile – used for either Destruction or Control.

Uses: The Ice Sigil can be used with both Control and Destruction attunements to deal great damage. Using Control, Ice will freeze your opponents, making them easy targets. With the Destruction attunement, Ice slows enemies down and deals the second highest damage of all Sigils.

Lightning: The Lightning Sigil is very versatile – great for Destruction, Control, and Mastery. Shock your enemies with this Sigil!

Uses: With the Lightning Sigil, you can perform an array of effective spells! Have Lighting deal damage over time and jump from one enemy to the next with Destruction-attuned spells, or shock an entire group of enemies with a Control spell. Lastly, use a Mastery spell to really rack up the damage!

Kinesis: The Kinesis Sigil is one of the best Mastery and Control Sigils AVAILABLE. Stop your enemies in their tracks.

Uses: With the Kinesis Sigil, you can anchor your enemies in place, and stack up hit multipliers on them, then hit them with a Destruction spell for catastrophic damage! Lift your enemies up in the air, or keep them on the ground for devastating damage multipliers.

Corruption: Infest your enemies with pustules and bugs that cause damage over time. The bugs will lay eggs, which will hatch even more bugs to infect nearby enemies.

Uses: The Corruption Sigil is a great way to start off combat, infecting your enemies before blasting them with a missile of Fire. After the infected enemies die, they release bugs that will attack other enemies for you! This Sigil works great with Control and Mastery attunements.

Necromancy: Bring the dead back to life and have them fight for you!

Uses: With the Necromancy Sigil, you can curse your enemies so that when you kill them they will come back as undead soldiers on your side! You may have an unlimited number of Necromancy soldiers fighting for you during a fight, but only three that carry over to a new fight.

Delirium: Turn your enemies against one another with the Delirium Sigil. Or, have them inflict damage upon themselves.

Uses: With the Delirium Sigil, use the Control attunement to force enemies to attack each other one at a time. Use the Destruction attunement to turn enemies on themselves each time they attack. Finally, use the Mastery attunement to make enemies cower in fear.

Phase: Translocate your enemies (while doing damage) with the Phase Sigil to keep them from closing in.

Uses: With the Phase Sigil, you can deal damage and translocate your enemies if you have the Sigil attuned to Destruction; or, you can trap them in a distortion field that stores Destruction damage, and keeps them from moving with the Control attunement.